The Sunsworn


The Sunsworn is an organization headquartered at Fort Daggervale in the Gornost Mountains. Founded by Elven Druid Vestus Randaias Gilder, their main purpose is to control the Lycanthropy virus and eliminate undead in all its forms, in particular vampirism. Its members are incredibly diverse both racially and in occupations: Rogues are as welcome among their ranks as a Paladin or Fisherman would be so long as they are truly devoted towards the destruction of the undead.


The Sunsworn were formed in 763.4 by Vestus Randaias Gilder as a means to organize the newly created Lycanthropes and pit them effectively against their sworn foes: the undead. They made their home at an old fort in Daggervale and, with some help from the Dwarves, rebuilt the entire fort with a white stone that glows even during the night. The new Fort Daggervale was completed in 833.4. Vestus died in 960.4 and passed the reins Lord Captain Commander to Iankas Gilder. Ten years later in 970.4, the Sunsworn were attacked by a massive army of vampires. Their existence was spared by the arrival of a powerful vampire by the name of Vallok, who killed the enemy officers and gained control over their forces. Self proclaimed Vampire Lord Vallok then called off the assault and declared the Truce. He signed a document, still held by the Sunsworn to this day, swearing that any vampire he commanded, including himself, would never attack the Sunsworn unless it was in self defense on penalty of death. The beaten Sunsworn reluctantly signed the seemingly one sided treaty, wary of any deception.

Tales of the defeat spread across Lysoria, making enlistment difficult. There was a period of time from 1020.4-1101.4 called the Contagion where the Sunsworn, desperate for members, would actively implant the Lycanthropy virus into people to force conscription. When word reached the ears of Lysorian rulers, they demanded that Lord Captain Commander Fruvian Gilder step down. He attempted to resist, but was ultimately found and executed by his sister, Fhaonna Gilder, who then took the mantle of Lord Captain Commander. She spent the remainder of her ruling years hunting the Gnome Lich Xylem, whose harassment of the countryside had grown tremendously.

The Sunsworn became relevant again in national affairs when Arkahn Crudak, governor of the tiny nation Shylock, declared the city as a haven for vampires in 1125.4. Their numbers swelled at the news, and again when Arkahn died of old age in 1161.4, publicly naming Vampire Lord Vallok his heir a week before his death. Enough people flocked under the Sunsworn banner that Lord Captain Commander Thersys Gilder was able to amass an army large enough to besiege the city, which he did in 1178.4. However, Vallok proved resistant and the winter in the Dragon’s Teeth proved particularly brutal that year. Ill equipped for the terrible sooty snow, the Sunsworn struggled to find aid with nearby Lindstrom, who did not offer aid due to their alliance with trade partner Shylock. The Sunsworn ultimately could not maintain their supply lines and, as the days dragged on, their desertions grew. Aided by a tribe of giants and wandering, banner-less Orcs, Vallok managed to rout the Sunsworn. Humiliated a second time by the Vampire Lord, they reluctantly declared an armistice and retreated.

In the 90 years since their defeat, the Sunsworn focused on slowly rebuilding their army. As of current year 1268.4, they have sent almost all their forces south to Shylock to liberate the city of Vallok’s control. Led by renowned dragoon Lord Captain Darven Gilder, perhaps this time they will be strong enough to liberate the city from the perceived vampire menace.


The Sunsworn are not only hunters of the undead, they safeguard the Lycanthropy virus. Although not always the case in the past, they currently view it as their sworn duty to manage it and prevent its spread, else they will be just like the vampires they are sworn to destroy. They are extraordinarily picky with their members and are harsher to them in certain ways. For example, a member is never allowed to intentionally spread the virus; doing so is punishable by death with no exceptions. To aid in self control each Lycanthrope is given an Ehlandir headband which aids transformations and maintaining mental acuity, particularly during full moons. Where they receive them is a mystery, they are likely obtained in the selection ritual which every member must undergo. This secretive ritual, of which members are forbidden to speak of to outsiders, supposedly determines a worthy member. Successful members are instantly promoted to Captain or higher (depending on previous rank) and adopt the last name Gilder, those that fail are never seen again. Regardless of the ritual or rank, all Gilder treat each other equally as brothers and would gladly give their lives to the greater cause or to ensure another Gilder’s survival, much like the pack mentality of the wolf brethren they share their blood with.

Sunsworn Ranks

Any Lycanthropes are immediately promoted to Captain if it raises their position. The highest rank any non-Gilder can achieve is Grand Captain, Lycanthropy is a requirement to be promoted to Lord Captain and Lord Captain Commander. Most Lord Captains are also referred to by just “Lord Captain”, the class level is more internal and not generally spoken unless important, much like a noble’s middle name.

Lord Captain Commander
Lord Captain First Class
Lord Captain Second Class
Lord Captain Third Class
Chief Diviner (equal to any Lord Captain rank, significance varies based on person)
Grand Captain
Enchanter (equal to Lieutenant)
Corporal (equal to Sergeant 1st Class)
Sergeant First Class
Private First Class

Notable Sunsworn Members

Vestus Randaias Gilder: founder and originator of Lycanthropy virus
Lord Captain Commander Iankas Gilder (deceased)
Lord Captain Commander Fruvian Gilder (deceased)
Lord Captain Commander Fhaonna Gilder (deceased)
Lord Captain Commander Thersys Gilder (deceased)
Lord Captain Commander Harroc Gilder
Lord Captain First Class Darven Gilder
Lord Captain Second Class Alinza Gilder
Lord Captain Second Class Emsly Gilder (deceased)
Lord Captain Third Class Trig Gilder
Grand Captain Olros Gorgal (deceased)
Grand Captain Kalisa Devray
Captain Laril Gilder
Captain Thrawg Gilder
Captain Theodoras Gilder (deceased)
Enchanter Flynn Gorgal
Corporal Jiovanni Disante
Corporal Stamathius
Corporal Erric
Sergent First Class Vasche
Sergent First Class Harsk
Private Alvyn Weass

The Sunsworn

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